Madeline Ross
SuperSlow Zone

As the CEO of a multi-national franchise, I know more than I want to about wasting money on ineffective online marketing and online marketing solutions that help produce results. We are committed to Sliding Social and Up Creative because it is the ‘real deal’. I evangelize about this company because of how much leverage it enables our brand, how much money it saves us and its extraordinary help in producing cost effective results. Love it. Love it. Love it!

Michelle Gonzales
Polished RX Skin Couture

As the Owner of a Medical Spa, our Social Presence is a big part of our business growth and referral process. Through my Sliding Social system and their business listing service, I have increased sales 65% after the first year of use. The results were beyond expectations and their service department is always friendly and helpful teaching me how to use social media better for increasing my business. I’m almost hesitant to leave the review as I don’t want my competitors using it. Not just one of, but the best bang for the buck marketing investment I have ever made.

Johnny Daniels
Century 21 Showcase