About Us

Sliding Social™ was created to be the definitive marketing tool for social media marketing with simple yet effective strategies and tools. Sliding Social™ integrated with Google Services create a dynamic resource for professional marketing, scheduled managed posting, email & online direct marketing, and comprehensive analytics to deliver unparalleled online marketing strategies.

Sliding Social™ is a registered technology product developed by UP Creative, Inc. www.upcreativeinc.com. This online marketing platform enables users and businesses to easily connect their sites to all the major social platforms and integrate with Open ID and other external authentication providers.

Sliding Social gives the users power over their social media & online marketing, and allows for integration into one easy-to-use control panel and 'master wall' for quick and effective management and analytics over their online marketing activities. With advanced library features, Sliding Social also allows users & companies to successfully control the content being dispersed across the web. The 'My Links' feature of Sliding Social™ allows users to easily create links from any content, and even create their own web pages for content to successfully share content to all social media sites on the web.

With unparalleled features, Sliding Social has reinvented the process for online marketing, allowing every user to have a full marketing program equal to that of major corporations with million dollar+ budgets.

With our incredibly affordable ENTERPRISE Edition, customers can take advantage of a multi-million dollar marketing team at their disposal for individualized and completely marketing services at a FRACTION OF THE COST. Please go to our ENTERPRISE SERVICES page for more information.